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e/R cuddles and sleeps

Like I mentioned earlier, I’m slowly getting more comfortable with my digital art. I’m now probably going to be producing more shippy things. I plan on maybe doing one of those kiss memes. But yeah. It’s a start.

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courfeyrac tries to act all cool in front of combeferre when they first meet and tries to make himself relatable so he pretends to like all these weird philosophy and history books that ferre likes and ferre thinks that that’s great and all, but he doesn’t really think that courf is all that engaged with those books

but when ferre comes to courf’s apartment he finds sagging bookcases fULL of fantasy novels that are all dogeared and post-it-noted and covered in little handwritten notes and they’re all organized based on what his favorites are

and ferre just realizes how absolutely fucked he is because he realizes that courf was lying about the books he likes to read but in reality the way he interacts with the books he loves is just so fucking cute and he spends about twenty minutes just examining courf’s bookshelves, and then he just smooches courf full on the lips for the first time and says “a guy who loves the books that i do is cute, but a guy who loves any kind of book as much as you do fantasy novels is really fucking hot

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track: students, workers, everyone
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please listen to this incredible courfeyrac

WHO IS THIS?! he sounds like a very determined kitty


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roses are red

violets are blue

liverpool what the fuck is wrong with you

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GUYS, ITS THE ANNIVERSARY OF THE FIRST TIME MERLIN EVER AIRED IN THE UK BACK ON THE 20th SEPTEMBER 2008!!!!! Little did they know that from then on, that show will touch the lives of millions of people worldwide! The actors have gone so so far from then. Merlin…

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Andy Mientus at curtain call.
Les Misérables 03/23/14, Imperial Theatre.


And that ladies and gays is what I call the right fuckin spirit

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why develop feelings for people when you can just walk into traffic and achieve the same results

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every time i feel like shit i try and imagine a planet saying

"in the grand scheme of things, everything is a human construct and nothing you feel is real and in a billion years everyone will be dead but the universe will keep going like nothing happened"

surprisingly, it makes me feel better

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